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The best of the best in the real estate industry share the secrets to their success. Join host Bob Burns, a 20 year veteran of the real estate industry as he digs deep to uncover the hard-won knowledge, skills, and techniques used every day by top real estate professionals. After learning so much from the masters of the industry, Bob's vision is to share the talents of the most successful real estate professionals with the world. Each week, tune in to learn the secrets of top real estate agents, managers, and other leaders of the industry all across the United States and Canada.

Photo of Bob Burns

Bob Burns

Real Estate Coach, Trainer, & Consultant

Your only competition is the person you were yesterday and a commitment to mastery is your path to success. Bob Burns has built his nearly 20 year career in real estate on the principle of continuous incremental improvement as the path to business mastery. Starting as a real estate agent, a member of a high performing team, he then moved on to roles as a trainer, manager, and senior executive leader of the largest residential real estate brokerage in the US. Burns most recently served as President of one of the top real estate franchises in the country. 

In his various roles, Bob has helped thousands of agents, managers, and other members of the real estate industry achieve and exceed their goals. Through his blend of acumen, inspiration, genuine personal care, and passion for performance, Bob can help you increase your income, improve your work-life balance, and advance your career to the next level. 


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