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Advice to Newer Agents from Emily Hays

November 11, 2019

Episode Notes

World explorer, surfer, soccer coach, literature aficionado, mom of 4, and REALTOR are all words that describe today’s guest, Emily Hays. Emily lives in Shreveport Louisiana and is in her fourth year in real estate with Coldwell Banker Gosslee.

After a brief discussion about surfing, travel, and family, we started our conversation with Emily’s business philosophy. Emily says,

“My business is not about a check. It is an opportunity to be a small part of a client’s story.”

What a powerful way to ensure she helps every client achieve their goals!

Next, the conversation moves to what it means to be an entrepreneur and the beauty of choosing your clients. I tell a story about an alleged homebuyer that I worked with early in my career that I eventually ended up firing. Emily shares a similar experience with a difficult client.

The discussion about difficult clients naturally evolved to work-life balance. Listen in to learn how Emily sets boundaries with her clients. Spoiler Alert: It’s all about communication.

Emily shares the funny story that led her to getting into the real estate business. I won’t spoil this one, but the reason is funny and will surprise you.

Getting started in real estate is hard and it’s almost impossible without a strong support structure. Emily discusses her mentors and the network of people that enabled her to run her real estate career faster and further than she ever thought possible.

To close out the show, Emily shares her best advice for succeeding in real estate. Her words of wisdom are aimed at agents newer to the business, but even industry veterans can take her advice to heart.

Click here for Emily’s Website.

Music: “My Everything” by Roads used under license from Tribe of Noise.

Episode Timeline and Notes

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:44 A Word About Leader's Edge Coaching
  • 2:25 Beginning of Interview
  • 4:37 Emily's Business Philosophy
  • 10:35 Choosing Your Business
  • 15:37 Balance and Boundaries
  • 18:50 How Emily Got Started in Real Estate Sales
  • 23:17 Mentors and Continuous Learning
  • 27:12 Emily's Best Advice to Real Estate Agents

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