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Social Marketing and Changing Brands with Brian Carothers

November 11, 2019

Episode Summary

On this week’s show, I’m speaking with Brian Carothers from RE/Max Select Real Estate in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Brian has been in the real estate business for almost 10 years. Before getting into real estate, Brian was a radio show host in several large markets around the US. Sometimes funny, sometime irreverent, but always doing something creative, Brian is a brilliant marketer, always finding ways to stand out from the crowd.

Episode Notes

The best way to market yourself is just to be authentically YOU.

Brian’s first rule is to always be interesting and never boring. His second rule is to NEVER try to directly sell anything to anybody on social media.

The reality is that you are building a brand on social media. The best way to do that is to try to be different and stand out so people notice you.

Brian’s goal is to get people to WANT to do business with him. That requires showing his personality so people can connect with him and ultimately choose to work with him. Brian says,

“Some of your best deals are the ones that you don’t do.”

The deal you don’t do is most likely someone who doesn’t like you are connect with what you do. Why would you want to put yourself and the client through the strain of having to work together while not liking each other?

The next part of the conversation centered around how to properly leverage your social media audience in your property marketing efforts. This got back to one of Brian’s key rules for using social media in the real estate business – never try to directly sell anything to anybody. That means when he promotes a listing on Facebook, Brian works REALLY hard to do in a way that feels natural and organic. Like asking for opinions on decorating choices, or even something as simple as taking a picture of his kid standing in front of the house and sharing the kid’s opinion on something. This requires a little creativity, but it’s critically important to keeping your audience engaged.

Next, we moved into a discussion about Pittsburgh Potties, a series of photos of potties in strange places that Brian regularly posts and promotes. Even though the concept is kind of disgusting, it is authentically Pittsburgh. Brian says that people in Pittsburgh love Pittsburgh, both at its best and at its worst. Learning what your audience cares about and how they think is such a key part of cutting through the noise and connecting on a real level with people.

The take-away here is, figure out what your audience cares about and find a way to give that to them.

Brian then goes on to share how he structures his marketing. It’s important to maintain consistency while also keeping things new and fresh. He uses a process that he learned in radio to stay on top of everything he needs to do to keep his marketing plan relevant and effective.

Shifting away from the consumer perspective, we also discussed the effects of trying to stand out from the greater real estate community. Brian shares the effects of doing some outside of the box things in a real estate environment that can sometime value conformity.

Another one of Brian’s marketing campaigns is #HellNo6Percent. The crux of the campaign is to try to encourage cooperating real estate brokers to use Buyer Agency Agreements when they are working with their clients. The jury is still out on whether it is working, but Brian is glad to be trying something different.

After wrapping up the discuss about #HellNo6Percent, we move on to discuss Brian’s transition from Coldwell Banker Real Estate Services to RE/Max Select Realty. Brian discusses how he planned that move and the factors that drove his decision making. It turns out that it is not just about the money. Overall, the move ended up being a re-launch for Brian’s business and he ended up doing more rather than less because of the move.

We go on to finish the episode with Brian’s best advice to any real estate professional who wants to bring their business to the next level. You will be surprised at what he said. Listen to the end of the episode to find out!

Click here for Brian’s website.

Music: “My Everything” by Roads used under license from Tribe of Noise.

Episode Timeline and Notes

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:28 A Word About Leader's Edge Coaching
  • 2:06 Beginning of Interview
  • 2:58 Brian's Facebook Strategy
  • 6:35 Choosing Your Business
  • 8:11 How to Properly Leverage Social Media to Promote Your Listings
  • 10:31 Pittsburgh Potties - Connecting with Your Audience
  • 13:52 Lessons from Brian's Radio Career
  • 19:53 Standing Out from Others in the Real Estate Industry
  • 23:46 Brian's #HellNo6Percent Campaign
  • 32:03 Changing Brokerage Companies
  • 38:53 Client Loyalty
  • 42:08 One Piece of Advice

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