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Introduction to the Podcast

November 11, 2019

Episode Notes

It all started in the back of a Lyft. I was on my way to a speaking engagement for a client and I was trying to stay focused on mentally preparing for my presentation but the driver kept trying to make conversation.

The driver eventually coaxed me out of my own head and I finally engaged in conversation with him. I learned that in addition to driving for extra money, my Lyft driver also owned a chain of hair salons, and was in need of a good commercial real estate broker to help him find new space for one of his locations.

I am not a commercial real estate expert, but I know enough to carry a casual conversation. When things get serious, it’s always smart to make a referral.

I was going on and on about what commercial real estate brokers do and how to choose a good one. The the driver finally cut me off and asked, “How do you know so much about real estate?”

As a Midwesterner, my natural reaction would have been to be modest and minimize the compliment; but for whatever reason, the question stopped me in my tracks and I really gave it some thought.

So, I said, “I’m nothing special, but I have spent almost two decades working with and learning from some absolutely incredible real estate professionals. Everything I know, I learned from them.”

That moment was the beginning of the idea for this podcast.

Rather than keeping all of this knowledge to myself, my dream is to share it with you.

Music: “My Everything” by Roads used under license from Tribe of Noise.

Episode Timeline and Notes

  • 0:44 The Inception
  • 3:13 The Vision
  • 3:30 The Host
  • 20:07 The Show

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