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We Are LIVE!

Launch Video

After years of thinking about it, months of seriously thinking about it, weeks of working on it, days (and nights) of worrying about it, and hours being frustrated with actually doing it, How They Won is LIVE.

Mild griping aside, this has been a really fun journey. I’ve learned so much and have so much more to learn. That’s good news, because learning is really what I’m all about.

Creating a podcast sounded like a fairly simple project. I’m good at interviewing people. All I would have to do is record those interviews and BOOM, podcast DONE.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Here is a list of the things that had to be done just to get to launch day. I’ll cover the ongoing care and feeding of How They Won in another post.

  • Brainstorm a name that wasn’t already taken
  • Purchase a main domain name and variations of the domain name. I bought these on with a pretty great coupon code courtesy of
  • Research web design platforms like Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, etc. I ended up going with WordPress, but it was a tough call.
  • Research and purchase web hosting. SiteGround is the host for this site.
  • Research and purchase audio hosting. I went with Podbean for this.
  • Research and purchase audio production equipment. I detailed my choices in this blog post if you would like to read more.
  • Find a decent looking and functional WordPress theme so I wouldn’t have to design everything myself. I went with a theme called Soundbyte, but several SecondLine themes came in a close second place.
  • Choose a color scheme. I went with orange, because everyone knows it is the fastest color. It’s a fact that a car painted orange will be faster than the same car painted any other color!
  • Choose a font scheme.
  • Design logos, graphics, etc.
  • Design cover art for the various podcast players like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.
  • Edit the WordPress theme to make it look like I wanted.
  • Build the actual website.
  • Schedule and record the actual episodes. Everyone I have asked to be on the show has been SUPER generous with their time.
  • Research and purchase music for intros and outros. At first, I wanted to record my own music, but with everything else that needed to get done for launch, this went on the back-burner. I’ll get to this some day.
  • Learn how to use Adobe Audition.
  • Edit the episodes in Adobe Audition.
  • Upload completed episodes to the audio host.
  • Submit the .xml feed to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and others. All of these except Apple were very fast and easy to work with. Apple took almost a week to approve of the podcast.
  • Create the episode pages on the website. This includes taking detailed notes about what is discussed as well as marking time-codes. This is important for SEO and makes it easier for you to find episodes that are relevant to you.
  • Post periodically on social media to let people know that the podcast is coming soon.
  • Record this video and schedule it to come out on Facebook at the right time.
  • Panic while wondering if anyone is going to listen to this thing after all this!

Thanks for reading this far. There are probably some things that I missed. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below if there is anything that I can clarify or explain better.

I hope you enjoy the podcast!!

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